We’ve had great fun working with Innis & Gunn over the past few years creating some very exciting collaborations with beer and food.

Mrs Monkfish has been working her little monkfish tail off to get the I&G brand into unusual corners of the food world. These are corners that are a little off the beaten track, that can only be found by those who seek them out, that are all about food being done differently…if you’re one of those people then read on, perhaps you’ll see something you’ve missed out on but would like to experience.

I&G&FOOD.001-001 I&G&FOOD.002-001 I&G&FOOD.003-001 I&G&FOOD.004-001 I&G&FOOD.005-001 I&G&FOOD.006-001 I&G&FOOD.007-001 I&G&FOOD.008-001 I&G&FOOD.009-001 I&G&FOOD.010-001 I&G&FOOD.011-001 I&G&FOOD.012-001 I&G&FOOD.013-001 I&G&FOOD.014-001 I&G&FOOD.015-001 I&G&FOOD.016-001 I&G&FOOD.017-001 I&G&FOOD.018-001 I&G&FOOD.019-001 I&G&FOOD.020-001 I&G&FOOD.021-001 I&G&FOOD.022-001 I&G&FOOD.023-001 I&G&FOOD.024-001 I&G&FOOD.025-001 I&G&FOOD.026-001 I&G&FOOD.027-001 I&G&FOOD.028-001 I&G&FOOD.029-001 I&G&FOOD.030-001 I&G&FOOD.031-001 I&G&FOOD.032-001




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