We are sad to report that unfortunately Mahon’s cheese is no longer in existence, no more Betsy, no more cheese :) hard times for our local foodies, please continue to support yours.

Meet Mahon Fitzgerald your local artisan cheesemonger…and the lovely Betsy, his trusty (..ish) cheese van. Mahon sells artisan cheese from England, Ireland and Scotland (and a few from Europe too) in and around Edinburgh and the surrounding areas from his mobile cheese van  ‘Betsy’ and around the UK from his online cheese shop. With the help of Betsy he drives around town and stops at various locations so that you, the cheese lovers of Scotland can buy your favourite cheeses.

Mahon was born and raised in Cork and comes from a foodie loving family for whom shopping ‘local’ was and still is a part of their daily lives.  Local food markets and the high street were where Mrs. Fitzgerald did her shopping and she still does to this day. This upbringing remains very close to Mahon’s heart and when the opportunity arose for him to start his own business his allegiance to excellent local produce led him to become a cheese monger.

His van ‘Betsy’ is a beautiful 1977 Citroen H van who comes all the way from Brittany, France. Her previous owner in Brittany was Jeff, a Welshman settled in France, who drove Betsy all the way to Somerset in Summer 2010 in order to get her bodywork repaired before she was delivered to Mahon in Edinburgh.

After a brief spell in sunny Somerset Betsy was transported up to Edinburgh via Leeds by Roly the lorry driver…. ok, he took a small detour…. In November 2010, with her long journey over, she finally arrived in Edinburgh and the formidable partnership of Mahon and Betsy began.

The ‘tail’ doesn’t end there however… Betsy decided that she didn’t particular like the braw cold air of Scotland and proceeded to pretty much ‘conk out’ on one of her first trips west to Linglithgow.   The AA rescued her and after a few weeks of blood sweat and tears she was back on the road, well, until the snow arrived. Yes, the snow. That was some snow we had last winter and a 1977 Citroen H van isn’t the best vehicle for dealing with the inclement weather that we experienced in Edinburgh.  Needless to say she put her feet up for a few months and pretty much sat still.  In the meantime Mahon got a hatch put in the side of Betsy ready for their first cheese outing of 2011 and as the last snow left Auld Reekie they were both raring to go.

These days the formidable duo potter around Edinburgh together stopping off in Linlithgow and Colinton once a week to sell their artisan cheese. They are planning on ‘popping-up’ at some new and interesting venues shortly so watch this space for news.

For those of you seeking some special cheeses for Christmas then look no further than Mahon’s cheese. This year Mahon is stocking Colston Bassett blue stilton, the ‘king of blue cheeses’ – only five dairies in the UK located in the three counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire are licensed to produce blue stilton, Colton Bassett being one of them.  Stilton is of course a Christmas classic and is particularly good with a side of ruby port or red wine but more recently has been matched with whisky and various strong beers.  A particularly versatile cheese to bring to the Christmas table!

The Colston Bassett dairy was set up as a farmers co-operative in 1913.  It has produced cheese daily ever since (except during the two world wars) and the method of manufacture has been kept as close to the old ways as possible. Improvements have been made to the dairy to comply with today’s rigorous demands of hygienic food production but that aside this is as close to a traditional dairy as you will get. Colston Bassett has become famous to lovers of fine cheese worldwide. Treat yourselves and let Mahon bring this famous award winning cheese to you this Christmas. CLICK the cheese below to buy online.

Happy Cheesey Christmas.

This cheesey tail was brought to you by Mymonkfish.

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