Hello and welcome to today’s BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe.

We are now LIVE ON AIR with presenter Clare English and guests Hilary Sturzaker (that’s me!!), Cate Devine and chef Paul Wedgwood. We hope you’ll stay with us for the whole show, you’d be a fool not to :)

I (Mrs M) will be live blogging throughout the show…think the Guardian live TV blog but undoubtedly not as funny….although I’ll try to be as thoroughly entertaining as possible within my limited realms of comedic talent.

I’ll be updating this post, adding new posts, tweeting, posting photos on twitter @mymonkfish Instagram mymonkfish and the perhaps the odd Facebook post on mymonkfish.

We are go! 
And clearly that wasn’t me reading out a recent post about DATE NIGHT!

Meet the production team up in Inverness…Dan and Gillian
dan gillian
Cate Devine currently telling us what she likes about food blogs…..scottish food, good photograhpy….honesty…. she’s claiming she’s not a dinosaur and she’s right!

Major effort required for food blogging…constant pressure on us bloggers!

Twitter is going mad….keep those comments coming! Introducing Paul Wedgwood from the Edinburgh broom cupboard….
Paul DOESN’T read that many food blogs…int-er-esting!

Paul thinks blogging is a blessing and a curse….

Thanks for all the tweets, keep at it NOM NOM YUM YUM ;)

Clare and Gillian in full flow….

Thanks to Su for the chilli…wish we had some here in the studio, not eaten since breakfast!

Sorry about the noisy keyboard if you’re listening in…bit rattly but I’m trying very hard to press the keys as gently as possible! Chilli with chocolate says chef Paul Wedgwood….yes please! But with sea bass?? Interesting…

Yep Leila, that blog name is a tough one to pronounce!

Very interesting point to mention is that most food bloggers are girls….and most of the tweets currently being read out by Gillian are from girls….

Influence of food bloggers….what do you think? Have food bloggers got a power?

FREE LUNCH ANYONE???!?!!? Blogger or blagger?

Can food bloggers carve out careers? Definitely….so many cook books have been written by food bloggers….but it’s mostly a labour of love for sure.

OK, let’s defend the GOOD bloggers as there are loads and there are LOTS and LOTS of GREAT blogs that I read and love – yes, I’m shouting! Blogging is the future, it’s here to stay, technology is moving so fast and lots of us feel like we’ve got something to say!

Winding up here in the studio with a few final words about blogging….

Finding blogs that you like? Tricky one, there’s sooooo many! It’s a jungle out there but you will definitely stumble upon one you like so keep looking!
Chef Paul Wedgwood gives his recipes out – yippeeeee!

Almost done, it’s been brilliant fun and my fingers are exhausted….sorry again for the noisy keys!

Cate is about to start her own blog on The Herald website – the A-Z of Scottish Food. Follow her on twitter @CateDvineWriter to find out more!

Show done, debrief in progress….here’s the program notes from the production team in Inverness…

And I’m finally home from sunny Glasgow, Halloween party in full flow here at Monkfish Towers. Brilliant day spent with the BBC Kitchen Cafe crew….hope to be live on the airwaves again soon. Have a great weekend y’all!


Turn on, tune in 92-95FM BBC Radio Scotland
bbc radio scot

As Mrs Monkfish makes her way to the BBC studios in sunny (?) Glasgow we’d love to hear from you ahead of today’s Kitchen Cafe which is on air at 1pm. Do you have a food blog? Why? What do you love about blogging? What makes a good blog?

Mrs M will be blogging live during the programme (eeeek, this will be multi tasking at it’s best…live blogging AND talking, how will she do it….) and hope to post a few photos, put a few thoughts down in words and chat to a few bloggers throughout the show.

Also live in the studio is the lovely Cate Devine of The Herald and chef Paul Wedgwood.

Follow us on twitter @mymonkfish and also check out our Facebook page at mymonkfish.




IMG_4467We’ll be talking food blogging on tomorrow’s BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe…what do you all think about food blogging? Has it had it’s day…we hope not…but in a world literally full to the brim of blogging, and food blogging in particular, how do you stand out from the crowd? Have we reached food blog overload and who reads them anyway? Have you got a blog? What do you love about blogging? What makes a good blog? What makes a bad blog? Is there such a thing as a bad blog?

Questions questions!

Here at Monkfish Towers we’re always trying to evolve to make sure it’s relevant to our readers, to excite them, to involve them, to inspire them to try new things and to feel part of a community. We’re not preaching, we hope we’re informing, and if you don’t want to read it we won’t lose any sleep over it.

We do it because we love it, it’s a window to the world that we love, ie FOOD!
We love eating and we love telling stories about it. If you love to read it then that makes us happy too!

This could be controversial stuff…tune in to find out more and feel free to air your thoughts either via this post or on twitter @mymonkfish @bbckitchencafe using the hashtag #foodblogging

We’ll be live on air on Friday 31st {#spooky} following the 1pm news on 92-95FM, BBC Radio Scotland.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 13.34.33



This is a great little film from our friends Dram & Smoke who ‘pop-up’ in some very cool venues including this steel yard in Vauxhall, London, earlier this year.

They are about to pop up again from mid November to mid December (weds to sat) in a brand new, never-used-before venue called Black Swan Yard on Bermondsey Street – run by the For more info and to book tickets head on over to their website

Scran | Bevvy | General Flumgummerie


Lots and lots of things are happening during October and we’ve got lots of things we want to tell you about too….so here is this month’s round-up. If we’ve missed anything crucial we’re sure you’ll let us know but here’s what we think is trending in and around Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond…

Fish…like your dinner delivered to your door? No brainer…of course you do. Like to put in a bit of effort and make it your own though? Well, ok, as long as it doesn’t take too long… One of the quickest ‘fast foods’ we eat a lot of at the Towers is fish. Good old fish, monkfish, haddock, cod, sole, hake, salmon, mackerel, yep, we’ll eat it, love it, squid, mussels, scallops, yep, we’ll take them too. Imagine if it was delivered to you in a box as fresh as the proverbial daisy. Drum roll, it’s here…fish in a box #fishbox

safe_image Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 09.33.50

Think ‘Graze box‘ but you’ll need to run to the fridge with the contents a bit quicker than you do with a bit of muesli and a few nuts…

Two companies are currently on the Monkfish radar…Coast and Glen and EatFish. Last week we sampled Coast&Glen’s £35 box and it was brilliant, it was posted on Wednesday, arrived pronto on Thursday packed in a polystyrene box with ice gel packs. Fresh fresh fresh.
Coast and Glen Coast and Glen

So our five days of fish went something like this…
Thursday – pan fried hake with a mustard and cheddar crust
Friday – pan fried monkfish with fennel and garlic
Saturday – grilled mackerel with roasted vegetables
Sunday – lemon sole with the best cauliflower cheese and peas
Monday – we put the cod in the freezer for another day but fully intend to wrap it in parma ham and roast it, yum.
We had to think on the spot what to do with the fish but that made it more fun, we’d never had monkfish with fennel and garlic before but it was really really good, thank you Rick Stein for the inspiration. Recipe HERE.
Coast&Glen come highly recommended from the Towers, find out more about them at

We’ve not tried EatFish yet but we will…and we’ll let you know what we think. Like them on Facebook HERE and keep an eye out for their new website coming soon.

If you’re missing the #GBBO (that’s the Great British Bake Off for those unfamiliar with the ‘hashtag’ usage….) then you can don your pinnies, whack up the oven to Gas Mark 6, grease and line your springforms and grab a hold of that whisk, as it’s baking time once more! This time you can whip up your signature bake all in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity….

Ambassador for Beatson Cancer Charity James Morton of {hashtag} GBBO fame has all sorts of ideas for you over on the Beatson website so hop on over there now. A bake off at The Towers is imminent if Mini and  Mr M can manage to get their acts together….
To order your exclusive Bake it for the Beatson event kit, visit www.bakeitforthebeatson.orge-mail them or call 0141 212 0505. DO IT!

Here’s #minimonkfish in action already..
Mrs M has been eating her way around town as usual.
Dinner at Cannonball last week, the new addition to the Contini family, blog post plus FOOD photos coming soon..
A catch up with friends at The Vintage, Leith, always goes down well, great charcuterie and yummy beers…
Bacon butties on Sunday up at Craigies farm..
And if you’re at a loose end this Saturday you could head over to our chums house Alright Treacle for a Halloween inspired supper club..more info HERE

Terra Madre!!

If you’re lucky enough to be flying to Italy today and going to Terra Madre, enjoy! For more info see their website HERE


Bon Voyage x