EDINBURGH_SUPPERCLUBS 2015An update to our Edinburgh supper club directory for 2015. If there are any we’ve missed, you’ve been to, we don’t know about please let us know via our CONTACT US page. Enjoy.


Steampunk North Berwick

Steampunk coffee, North BerwickSteampunk North Berwick

Steampunk North BerwickImage 6Image

If you’ve not been yet you’re seriously missing out. We love SteamPunk…it might be a little trip down the road but it’s well worth it. With their regular go-to coffee van parked up at Stockbridge market every Sunday you can now also enjoy the full steampunk experience at their home in North Berwick. A coffee warehouse come cafe come lunch spot come hangout come whatever you want it to be. Guarantee of a great coffee, superb cakes and a great lunch. The menu may be small but with all sorts of specials on offer and the coolest interior decor in town it will soon become one of your weekend favourite hotspots as it has ours.

Don’t forget to check out the Bostock Bakery while you’re there, possibly the finest sourdough we’ve ever had (they supply Steampunk).
Bostock Bakery, North BerwickRoss Baxter is the man in charge, shortlisted for Scottish Bakery of the Year, they’ve got our vote.

That’s your weekend sorted. North Berwick is GO.

All photos @mymonkfish with the exception of Bostock Bakery (thanks to Ross Baxter, Facebook page).


You may have realised by now that we really do love David Loftus and his amazing food photography. We stumbled upon this little film just before Christmas (ignore the Christmas references….) and found it not only gives a few of our secrets away but we love the fact he shoots the food from above which is usually our preferred way of doing it too. If you’re not on hipstamatic yet then get to it, your food photography prowess will change for the better!

Plenty more top tips from Lord Loftus over on Jamie Oliver’s FOOD TUBE channel and follow him on Instagram for some mouth watering pics.


WP_CarryOn_Website_Sleeve‘Dry January’ is not for us. Life is for living and that means seizing the moment and not depriving ourselves of the ‘good stuff’. So if the good stuff crops up in January we’re not going to risk missing out.

And we’ve just found all this lovely stuff we want to share with you. And it mostly consists of drink…..cocktails……and the occasional mixer. Continue reading



7th March 2015

We want to give a shout out this week to ‘The Big Dinner’ which is happening on 7th March 2015. It’s about eating, drinking, and socialising, something we do every day, well, maybe not the drinking bit…although Mrs M is still hitting the sherry despite the festive season being well behind us…..

The BIG dinner is a 500 miles initiative to raise £500,000 in a single night to help people with mobility difficulties in Malawi and Zambia to live independent lives. 500 miles provides artificial limbs and braces for people with disabilities of the limbs and spine.

The concept of the BIG dinner is simple Continue reading