We might not celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’ in Scotland (which is tomorrow folks…) but it could be a good excuse to do a practice run for the BIG DAY which is only 28 days away….. The fact is we just needed a good excuse to share this lovely infographic with you from ‘The Savory’ who seem to have it all sussed out. If you’re like us though, we tend to eat a mountain of stuffing and ’1 bottle of wine for 4 people’?! Yeah right…..

Print it, laminate it, stick it to the fridge, we love it.

CALCULATOR_EDITWe put lovely stuff like this on our Pinterest boards,  head on over and have a sneaky peak….



Maps…We are huge fans of Herb Lester and their lovely little maps. They are ‘witty, pretty, curious and opinionated’….but in just the right amounts.

Whilst on our travels we’ve used several of these awesome maps particularly the London ones, of which there are are quite a few. They’ve just issued ‘London’s Larder’ which is a hit list of some of the most interesting charcuteries, fishmongers, brewers, cheese shops and butchers in London Town. Bring on our next trip to the capital but in the meantime you could purchase their Edinburgh map (which we’ve got and it’s great!) and hope that they’ll pop back soon to do their version of our amazing larder.

Do’nuts… a guilty pleasure or something you simply avoid? We thought it wouldn’t be long before ‘the doughnut renaissance’, we’re all bored of cupcakes yah? We spotted these at the weekend on twitter…Crosstown doughnuts…you can find them at various markets across London and they’re now being stocked in Selfridges food hall, yippee, another reason to head to the capital….
B2fFLvUIAAArQCABishopsgate-MarketBut where are the cool doughnuts in Scotland ?? Well….we were extremely lucky (up until October) to have Good Luck Kid doughnuts in Glasgow but they’ve hung up their batter boots for now….boooooo come back soon, we all miss you and there is a need for good do’nuts this side of the border….

The Budding Chefsare just back from their week long gastronomic adventures in Paris and Brittany. The six ‘budsters’ are from the Scran & Scallie, Ondine, Canonnball, Monachyle Mhor and The Bon Vivant and were accompanied by the fabulous Fred Berkmiller of L’escargot and Craig Sandle, executive chef of the Pompadour by Galvin.

The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014
The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014 The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014 BC14_MusselFarm_AlbieClark The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014 The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014

Budding chef Emma Mills said:  ‘There were many highlights of this memorable week; from being treated to a tasting menu at Olivier Roellinger’s Le coquillage – what a wonderful experience to taste food in its natural beauty; to a 5 course horse meat tasting at Taxi Jaune in Paris. I was convinced but not so sure on the brain; I don’t think I will be putting that specific part on the menu here at Cannonball!’

And can you believe that we’ve been lucky enough to dine at Taxi Jaune in Paree, totally recommend you go if you get chance.

If you want to know more about the Budding Chefs then head over to to find out what they’re up to. What an amazing opportunity for our brilliant young Scottish chefs to see and do amazing things in France….and then come back to Scotland and cook even better dishes than they did before! It’s a win win for all of us!

Historical feasts…If you’re free this Saturday the Fireside Collective are hosting a historical supper in Riddle’s Court, Edinburgh, as part of Previously History Festival 2014. They will be serving a 4 course banquet similar to one that would have been served in 1598…

Fireside Collective logo - CMYKTickets are £45 and are available 

Neapolitan street food…Mrs M is off to Locanda De Gusti, Edinburgh tomorrow night for this….
Street+Food+Night+Locanda+JPG+Facebook She’ll be reporting back via BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe this Friday so tune in at 1:05pm 92-95FM to hear ALL about it, she’ll be full to the brim with tasty Neapolitan street food and will be dying to tell you all about it….




Jelly & Gin are your new best friends….period. They create ‘unforgettable edible adventures’ unlike any other ‘edible adventures’ you’ll have been to in Edinburgh (and beyond…). Their events are ‘happenings’ and are so unusual and unique you’ll never have experienced anything like it before….and ones that you’ll talk about forever because they are that good.

jellyandgin.PR.222If you haven’t heard of Jelly & Gin before then let’s hope this blog post will change all that. They’ve just won a Creative Edinburgh award for Best Start-Up business and you only need to look at their recent successes to see why.
We’ve been to quite a few of their events, we talked about Create:Eat:Whisky earlier in the year which was one of the most unique whisky tasting experiences we’ve ever been to.

Their upcoming adventure is called Watch & Wolf, a multi sensory cinema experience….think about the 4D IMAX experience at Eurodisney then immediately ‘dump that thought’ and book tickets for this instead, you won’t be disappointed. Tickets are available via the Jelly & Gin website.
Find them on Facebook @jellyandginproductions and Twitter @jellyandgin

Photo credits Luigi De Pasquale 


sunrise-at-the-loch_cs_gallery_previewIf you’ve never been to Monachyle Mhor then you are seriously missing out on a lot…..It’s located in an extremely beautiful part of rural Perthshire on the banks of Loch Voil where you can stay in the most luxurious of rooms and enjoy the most amazing and delicious food thanks to chef and owner Tom Lewis. The Monkfish Famille have been once but we are very keen to return…it’s just perfect for a pre Christmas jaunt.

And if you’re up for a bit of glamping then they’ve recently added this amazing ‘outdoor holiday experience’ in the shape of a Pilot Panther wagon, what a treat! Read more about the Panther on Sawday’s Canopy & Stars.

Photo thanks to Sawday’s Canopy & Stars


This is a great little film from our friends Dram & Smoke who ‘pop-up’ in some very cool venues including this steel yard in Vauxhall, London, earlier this year.

They are about to pop up again with their Winter Menu from mid November (Weds 19th to be precise) to mid December in a brand new, never-used-before venue called Black Swan Yard on Bermondsey Street – run by the Dram & Smoke DishesAnd here’s a sneaky peek at the menu for November….
With whisky cocktails being served in a pop-up whisky den thanks to Monkey Shoulder you can expect a few hot toddies too, what more can you ask for when the nights are drawing in….

For more info and to book tickets head on over to their website

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